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Team C!

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So the roster is up and if you're on Team C, then you're on the winning team with me. <img alt="cool.gif" src=""> I've been resting up my injuries all week so I can come back and attack starting tomorrow.<br><br>
Who has an idea for a cool name?
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I think I figured out a way to get some barefoot elliptical trainer points in today. Wish me (and my arches) luck please!
my run was teh suck today. 4 miles of limping around the little lake.<br>
However, yesterday's 8 mile race around the big lake was awesome!<br><br>
I am on vacation this week so I have no excuses not to tally some healthy numbers over the next couple of days<br><br>
rock on team <b>C</b>onjoined <b>C</b>ojones
Thanks! I wore flip-flops today. Tomorrow I may try band-aids and shoes, if I can.
Get better soon Diablita! It'll get better JD. After such highs there's always those lows. It just makes you appreciate that next great run even more.
Sorry, I missed this question.<br><br>
I'm a girl, <i>and</i> I live in Florida!
Okay guys, things aren't the greatest right now, being that we're ~300 pts behind the leaders...hopefully all you guys start feeling a bit better. Hope the feet are better Diablita!<br><br>
Tomorrow I'll be doing a 13 miler - longest run ever, then working all day, but once I'm back I'll try my best to ride my bike around a bit, do some core whatever...walk the dog.<br><br>
If you find yourself bored with nothing to do, I'm kinda doubting you with families will have nothing to do, but maybe go out for a family walk or bike ride or something. Just keep doing the little things outside of running, they'll add up and that leaderboard will look different in a few days right!!!
I have a 2 mile walk and 50 minutes of weight training coming up tonight, followed by a 10 miler tomorrow, and a 5 or 6 miler the next day. I've been thinking about upping my weekday mileage anyway, so this gives me some extra incentive.<br><br>
Good luck on your 13 Alex!
joplus, sorry about that. couldn't tell from your username, though I could tell that you're a Super Duper Badass! Do I know where in Florida you're at? (Sorry if I've asked before)<br><br>
so I'm gonna tape up the toes today and try to get in a few miles. And push back my long run to Sunday, so I'll have major healing going on and can get in a good, long run.<br><br>
Nice way to rally, folks!
Yeah, the username is short for joe positive, which is also not exactly feminine either. But I'm all girl. I live in Tampa, up-from and to-the-left-of you.<br><br>
Hope your toes get better.
The toes are on the mend! Enough to run with band-aids over them. Yay!<br>
I still suspect someone on another team of putting those angry ants there. <img alt="mad.gif" src=""><br><br><br><img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
<b>a</b>ngry <b>a</b>nts?<br><br>
sounds like the work team <b>A</b>
alright guys! im home, i have about 10 miles to log from earlier this week. im going to take tonight off and log a longish run (~5 miles) are we doing? have the week one standings been posted??
<img alt="lol.gif" src=""> Love it!<br><br>
We are in last place. We are getting our asses handed to us. Glad to have ya back! <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
Lets just so so far we've been <i>Team Cojones Nada</i>
Tonight I think some will grow...I'm gonna have an awful hard time on that run tomorrow without 'em! <img alt="wink.gif" src="">
Awesome job so far today folks...we got 163.something pts already. I was getting really excited except then those crazies like Durt that score nearly 100 pts by themselves...We're getting there though!
I just added 26 more points and maybe I'll do 30 minutes of upper torso and ab exercises later this evening to add to it.
I have 68 miles of running since June 29, for 272 points. Legs are feeling pretty good so I think I can keep it up for a while yet.
41 - 60 of 109 Posts
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