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Team C!

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So the roster is up and if you're on Team C, then you're on the winning team with me. <img alt="cool.gif" src=""> I've been resting up my injuries all week so I can come back and attack starting tomorrow.<br><br>
Who has an idea for a cool name?
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Be careful with that ankle, Nettie! Have a great weekend everyone!
Go <b>C</b>razy Frog! Your post just inspired me to forego my rest day.<br><br>
Headed to the gym. <b>C</b>-ya!
No worries, Jack. Nice run today!<br><br>
Hey, has anybody heard from Lincoln? Is he on vacation?
we are close! sorry I couldn't get in a workout today, guys, but I'll make up for it tomorrow.
My feet were killing me after spending all day in high heels at a client training. But I thought of all of you guys and climbed on the treadmill. ouch.ouch.ouch.ouch.ouch
Bobby, have a great run tomorrow! And I am planning on being there in Jacksonville! One of the ladies I run with is making it her first marathon, and raising funds in honor of a niece who succumbed to breast cancer. So I'll be joining her there.<br><br>
As for Team C, it was a pleasure to compete with all of you. I'll get my long run in tomorrow and help to seal the deal, hopefully.
21 - 26 of 109 Posts
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