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Team C!

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So the roster is up and if you're on Team C, then you're on the winning team with me. <img alt="cool.gif" src=""> I've been resting up my injuries all week so I can come back and attack starting tomorrow.<br><br>
Who has an idea for a cool name?
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I've been resting in this August weather in June so I'll be fresh for tomorrow's start.
YAY!<img alt="headbang.gif" src=""><br><br>
now i was on team c last round...this time team c is going to be the winnahs!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>
FYI, i will be in vegas from tomorrow until the 5th. i am planning on taking my computer with me and assume that i will have internet access at the hotel. i will try and post my points daily, but if you dont hear from me dont think that i dropped out!
Have a great time in Vegas! Btw, I had to get a 10-miler in for marathon training when I was there last Oct. I'm not even sure if it's cool enough there at night to run outside. But if it is, and you do, a very good run is the block that the Wynn is on. Otherwise, you end up having to deal with lots of traffic lights and bridges.
Okay, I'm tired, but I'm in it to win it!<br><br>
I do plan on running tonight just to get off on the right foot. So to speak.
Nice, Lincoln!<br><br>
So anybody have a good name yet? Team <b>C</b>rush You All, maybe?
I'm good with whatever name you guys want to use.
Team Captains Courageous<br><br>
OK, it's a bit lame<br><br>
Team Cojones!
If the female side of our team is fine with it, I second the Team Cojones. We run like we do 'coz we got 'em.
Are Froggy and I the only two females on our team?<br>
In any case, I'm cool with cojones. In fact, being a Floridian, I think it's perfect.<br><br>
Team Cojones everyone?
I love Captains Couragous, but Cojones is okay, too.
well we could have fun with variants of Team Cojones, like:<br>
Team Couragous Cojones<br>
Team Ten (from tener, to have, not the number 10) Cojones<br>
Team Cojones Ganadores (winning cojones)<br>
and many, many more...
While reading this I am imagining the ACDC song Big Balls sung in Spanish, but then again, I wonder if they'd say cojones or some dancing-type thing. Very entertaining nonetheless.
Courageous Cojones.<br><br>
Ah Lahk It A Lot.
welcome Dankinia and Nettie to our crazy cojones team! It's nice to have a little more estrogen added to the group.
No rest for the wikkid!! Coming off a 50 mile week, I will not be fresh, but my legs feel like pistons in an Ford flathead 8! Seven miles yesterday. Twelve today. I will do seven tomorrow before travelling.
Thanks for the welcome. I am glad to be here. This is going to be fun.
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