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Tea? What kind?

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Ok, so I drink too much diet soda. I keep hearing how bad it is for me, and I am willing to try and cut back on it. I'd love to give it up one day, but for now I just want to cut back.<br><br>
However, I do not want to get caffiene withdrawl headaches. I can't function then, and I will give in and have a soda.<br><br>
So... I understand tea is good for you.<br><br>
I hate regular tea. Like iced tea? Yuck. It tastes like dirty water to me. But I also know there are more teas out there, and some of them must not taste like crap.<br><br>
I don't really like hot drinks, so if there is something I can drink in a cold form, that would be better. I am mostly wanting to eventually give up soda because of the carbonation, which I keep hearing makes you puffy. And I could do with less aspertame.<br><br>
Any thoughts?
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A friend of mine turned me on to Yerba mate a few months ago, and I'm hooked. I had had green tea with mate but never the mate by itself.<br><br>
It's soo good. I like it better than green tea, for sure!
I just had a thought about not being able to give up soda.<br><br>
How about drinking sparkling water? It's fizzy. And refreshing.<br><br>
If you like the sweetness, maybe you can make your own italian sodas. Find a syrup made with cane sugar (monin is one brand I know is sold in some grocery stores.) In a glass, pour the contents of a small bottle of Perrier to about an ounce of syrup. Top with ice. For a cream soda, add a dash of half and half or milk. (Non fat milk will not have the same creaminess, so don't even bother!)<br><br>
Much better than soda, imo. And depending on what syrup you get, it won't have nearly as many chemicals!
Perrier. San Pelligrino. Club Soda.<br><br>
Hey.. add lime to sparkling water!!! No calories (or maybe just few??) and lots of flavor!
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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