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Swim Suit - Women

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Hi ladies. I'm a little nervous writing this since I'll be venturing out on my very first tri (sprint) soon. I will be starting swim training next week and need to get a suite I can actually swim in. Any suggestions on brand that will be good for training and events?<br><br>
I realize everyone has preferences but I have no idea even where to look for one as I haven't swam for fitness in years.<br><br>
Thank you for your comments.
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swim suit for racing will feel tighter than you <i>think</i> is right if they fit right.<br><br>
If they are too big, they won't last as long as they could/should.<br><br>
You shouldn't have a ton of skin poking out all over the place, and your "bits" should not feel numb or anything, but it will be tight as opposed to loose if it fits properly.<br><br>
Some suits are sized rather than 8, 10, 32, 34, 36......<br>
When I was in college, wearing a size 8 in most clothes, I wore a 32"m in a bigger suit. <img alt="wink.gif" src=""><br><br>
I find that speedo as a brand, tends to stretch the most over time.<br>
You'll pay for it, but the "endurance" fabric that speedo makes some suits out of really does last longer, although it has less stretch in it than the lycra ones.<br>
When lycra degrades, the suit becomes more and more transparent. Either get a new suit, or wear two that are falling apart. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br>
Suits with wider shoulder straps will be more comfy to larger chested wimmins.....<br>
suits that have the cute little tiny straps are good for the smaller of us in the group.<br><br>
Try on try on try on.....<br>
Find the store that sells to local swim teams if you can, as addition to sports stores. They will usually have a larger selection.<br><br> has good prices, you can get grabbag suits there, too. Those are when you tell them the brand and the size, and you get what you get....usually for a good deal less than full price. You have to be brave sometimes, though, to wear what you get. lol
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