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Swim Suit - Women

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Hi ladies. I'm a little nervous writing this since I'll be venturing out on my very first tri (sprint) soon. I will be starting swim training next week and need to get a suite I can actually swim in. Any suggestions on brand that will be good for training and events?<br><br>
I realize everyone has preferences but I have no idea even where to look for one as I haven't swam for fitness in years.<br><br>
Thank you for your comments.
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Certain times of the year, usually in the spring I find Speedo and Nike racing suits for $10-20 at TJMaxx and Marshalls. I'm talking about the $70 MSRP suits! I stocked up last year and I have enough suits to last for a couple of years. Buy a size smaller than you think. They stretch out pretty quickly and I hate it when they catch the water on push-offs.
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