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Swim Meet Report

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First of all, I would like to see more of these meet reports from you guys!!! It is a lot of fun and you see all kinds of people - much more diversed than tri or running races as far as the size/age goes. We had a 320+ (total of the ages) female relay going for some kind of record today at the meet. Also I met a guy who broke so many national records recently and who recently swam just .10 sec off the world record in 50 or 100 backstroke. Oh, he had a beautiful body <img alt="biggrin.gif" src=""><br><br>
Ok about the meet. I knew I would be slower than the last year's time at the same meet because I have been swimming only 1-2/wk for the last several months mainly as a recovery and also I recently discovered a sense of 'kicking from your hip' but it hasn't really become a part of my swimming. Plus I am one week away from a marathon and ran 10miles yesterday. In short, I had enough excuses.<br><br>
In addition to the 200 med. relay and 200 relay, I swam the following events in the order in the 25meter pool.<br><br>
200m free: 3:11:32 :)01.04 slower than 07)<br>
50 m free: 38.32 (.42 slower)<br>
100m free: 1:28:08 :)01.11 slower)<br>
400m free: 6:46.66 :)08.19 slower)<br><br>
My 200m was ok compared to 50 and 100. By the 400m I was totally done and the time shows. Though I was ready for slower times heading to this meet, somewhere in my head I was hoping to PR (especially because I didn't run 17 miles the day before the meet). Well, I guess I can't win everything. And I re-discovered how horrible my start and more so the flip turn was. This was my 3rd meets but I still have a difficult time to stay warm/hydrated/fed over 4-5hours. Just plain challenging.<br><br>
Looking ahead, I plan to refocus on my swim after the 'thon. I am planning to do another meet in March and State meet in April.<br><br>
Whose meet report is next?
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Nice swimmeet!<br><br><br>
No meets for me this year, just planning open water races "down the shore"<br><br>
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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