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Surviving the cold weekend 1-28-29

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Well I survived another race! It turned out the snow came first. I heard the snow plow out early (getting ready for the dog sled race events I think) and i got up and found it was in the high teens so off i went following plows the 40 miles to the ski track. The race got delayed waiting for the groomer to try to clear the course and then we went in a white out a mass start of 40 or so people that then got a little lost and confused in the white but finally we got to the end where the water and Gatorade had frozen in the now plunging temps. Once again I think maybe next year I will train for this but it really depends upon the snow if its good locally I have little interest in driving to groomed track.. There were a few people I knew trying skate skis with mixed results and someone I didn't but who is apparently a known local mountain skier he fell and couldnt' get his ski back on so I helped out only to later find he was very skilled just not with skate skis ! The local high school team competed in the 11k and the awards were all men/all women so I didn't' place on the podium this year..I also knew there was no hope so I was happy to stop to help and to talk to volunteers I knew. After the race there was sun and a social and falling temps. Then wehen I headed home the snow began to pour out of the sky...

I seem to have gotten a blister on the ball of my big toe..that's new wonder what i did or maybe boots were wet from the deep snow...its continuing to snow and the get colder we are warned of windchill to -65 tonight. Its a good day to rest up!
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@Swimmerbee Check your private messages. We've tried reaching out to you there and wanted to make sure you have seen it.

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