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Sunshiny Saturday 2/12 Runs

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<p>A good race, 43:24.  On a flat, straight course I think I could run 42 but this is anything but that.  That's about a 4-minute PR from the summer 8k on a flat, straight course, so I'll take it!</p>
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<p>Gotta go because we're off to the OU Women's BB game.</p>
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<p>Wow!!! this place is dead...</p>
<p>Opie, come over the Master's forum in RunningAhead..tomwhite, erika, tammy, heme, perch, tramps and many others are there.</p>
<p>Great going with your races there.</p>
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<p>18 miles for my wings under a clear gorgeous sunny sky.</p>
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