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Hi -<br><br>
Nice runs today everyone!<br><br>
I was visting relatives over the weekend and celebrating my grandmother's 90th B-Day, so lots of eating . . . and celebrating . . . no running. After the 6 hour car ride home, I ran laps on our street - too late/dark to start venturing out on the main roads. 1 lap around my street and another side street is 1 mile. I got 6 laps in and finished up with the bats in the dark.<br><br>
Pro - seems like you are on track. Next Sunday another 20+ on schedule?<br><br>
TW - great your back is doing better!<br><br>
Rindaroo - sounds very exciting that you had an invigorating run! Hope they all stay that way!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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