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Sundays Masters Runs August 26th

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Morning all - Nice 7.3 mile run this morning while you North Americans were still sleeping. Sunny moring, but not too warm, and an even paced 8 minute mile run for a run just short of the hour.<br><br>
Welcome to all the new arrivals, and hopefully we can make this place feel like home.<br><br>
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......nice running liam//...........<br>
........45-min heavyhands run in my new Adidas Cusion-6's............great shoe, I'm gonna stock up on these.....<br><br>
........80-degrees, 90% humidity........pretty decent track run........and NO Back Pain.......<br>
.............I love it........<br><br>
........................good running guys.........
Gee whiz, where is everybody?<br><br>
I got in a nice 3 miles of constant running (30 minutes) sandwiched in between w/u and c/d walking for a total of 4 miles this morning. It was a great morning for it, too (low humidity and a little breezy). I'm committed to icing my hip 2X per day now. I'm so scared of re-injury and it feels a little "wierd". Not really hurting, but not normal either.<br><br>
TW, I'm glad you're liking the new shoes.<br><br>
[rant]I went to the running store yesterday because I wanted to try on a Saucony stability shoe. I've been wearing Asics, but the GT 2120's <i>are</i> much stiffer than the 2110's. (Which is why I'd had my 2120's in the box since I ran in them a couple times after I got them in March). I wanted to see how a "comparable" Saucony felt, but our running store doesn't carry a singe Saucony stability shoe. (They have a neutral and a motion control...) The guy at the store was a bit of a jerk, telling me that the Asics 2120 was the same as the 2110. He was dismissive when I told him it didn't feel like it on my foot. Then he proceeded to recommend a shoe that cost $165! So I came home and ordered a pair of Sauconys on line. To hell with supporting the local stores! - in my case, anyway.[/rant]<br><br>
Liam, since you suggested this place should feel like home, I felt free to b!#ch. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> (My poor family...)
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Feel your pain Runinbehind. I Hate it when they change my shoe. I bought new shoes a couple of weeks ago. It had benn so long since I had run I had to go to the running store to find out what the follow on to NB *33s were. Funny they ended up to be 825s. Go figure.<br><br>
Got in 8.3 in 1:28:13 Temp was only 78. What a difference the lower temps make.
Nice runs all. Glad the back is cooperating with your plans tomwhite. I might need to adopt your heavyhands workouts and get my arms/shoulders in better shape. Paddling those dragon boats yesterday has left me feeling like I was beaten with a big stick. Send some of those lower temps down here Hawk.
Morning all!!<br>
Tom - Woohoo on the shoes! so awesome<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="occasion5"><br><br>
I feel like shouting from the<br>
I ran 4 miles today outside, partially on the bikepath, partially on a main road in town called Main St..hehe.. I was a good girl & went slow the first couple of miles, then the third was having trouble going that slow, & the 4th let my body do what it wanted... max time was 9:49 in the 4th mile, so that was good.<br><br>
mile 1 : 13:23<br>
mile 2 : 13:08<br>
mile 3 : 12:21<br>
mile 4: 11:55 (4th mile felt the best & most fun)<br><br>
.....WOOHOO Indeed.........great running...........
Rinda, Great note! Very upbeat.<br><br>
16+ for me. 11 at 9's, 5 at 8's (MP).<br>
Had a (pie) Jones carbonated berry lemonade in between. Was good. That was my only "don't you guys hydrate?"<br><br>
Yea Rindaroo! Enjoy the gift!<br>
Yea Tom with no back pain!<br><br>
Drove my folks from Cape Cod to their house in Vienna VA yesterday and this morning Tory and I ran a humid, sticky, hilly 5.5 miles at about 9 min pace. Tory then slept for the 4 hrs drive to Durham NC. Man is it hot here! oh, only 95F just feels hot <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Sad"><br><br>
Rinda, what a great run for you today! May you have many more in your near future <fingers crossed on both hands> <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">
No run today.... had a really nice 9.3 yesterday (a tad under 9:00 pace). Legs are enjoying the rest today.
Hi -<br><br>
Nice runs today everyone!<br><br>
I was visting relatives over the weekend and celebrating my grandmother's 90th B-Day, so lots of eating . . . and celebrating . . . no running. After the 6 hour car ride home, I ran laps on our street - too late/dark to start venturing out on the main roads. 1 lap around my street and another side street is 1 mile. I got 6 laps in and finished up with the bats in the dark.<br><br>
Pro - seems like you are on track. Next Sunday another 20+ on schedule?<br><br>
TW - great your back is doing better!<br><br>
Rindaroo - sounds very exciting that you had an invigorating run! Hope they all stay that way!
that's the idea. tell me what your plan is so i can try to up it by 0.5 miles. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"><br>
actually i will be in down there in CT next week. want to chat for several hours?
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