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Sunday September 26th

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<p>Morning Funsters,</p>
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<p>Wet, dark and soggy NW morning.  Feeling better but perhaps not better enough for a run.  Will see in a bit.  The new med level had me racing all day yesterday.  I think RA mentioned something about getting a lot done which I did but certainly not anything that required concentration.</p>
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<p>Have a wonderful Sunday.  May the sun be shining wherever you are!</p>
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<p>Kevin and BBS - Rest well</p>
<p>Chances - Hope that long went well</p>
<p>RA - 16's a good number. Definitely amphetamine logic!</p>
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<p>Did just about 37 minutes.  Felt ok during.  We'll see how the day goes.</p>
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