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Sunday, Oct. 2 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good afternoon, LIT Friends!</p>
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<p>5- mile social fun run this morning with a cast of characters including our very own MasterOfSomething. Enjoyed coffee and chatter afterward with the crew at the store from which we run. Only thing that could have been better was that we tossed back a few cold ones. Alas, that will happen during football watching today.</p>
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<p>Great weekend!</p>
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<p>Second race of the weekend this morning. It was the first of a 4 race series of XC type races. Each one gets progressively longer. This one featured some sections on a wide trail, some singletrack, some almost vertical short hills, and a run up the middle of a creek for over a half mile. Lots of the area fasties come out for these races. I got off to a decent start, but could feel a bit of fatigue from yesterday's race in the first mile. Pushed through it and started passing a good number of people in the second mile. The third mile started in the creek and I managed to hold my place and even pass a few people. Coming out of the water I noticed oneof my shoelaces had somehow come undone even though I had double tied them. Had to get off to the side and tie it. That let about 10-15 people pass me that I had just worked so hard to pass. I managed to get back in and pass a couple of them when we hit the singletrack and the nearly vertical hills. Had a great kick to outsprint another in the last hundred yards. I ended up 3rd AG for the race. Individual race standings don't count though - only the series standings at the end. Our team did well and we thought we were in first, but another team had organized just prior to the race consisting of a few elite runners. We were second and our oly chance to beat them is if they don't have a team to qualify in every race. Fun day and great weather.</p>
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<p>Next weekends races is the Xterra Half Marathon. That should be fun too.</p>
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<p>25m 30s - 3.00 miles - 08m 30s/Mi<br><br>
10:40 AM <br><br><br>
30m 37s - 3.67 miles - 08m 20s/Mi<br><br>
11:30 AM <br><br><br>
Equipment: Nike Zoom XCS 2<br><br>
Warm/upper 70s - Sunny and calm. Fall Series #1 race. Course is on trails in Monument Valley Park and up Monument Creek. Ran well, but had to stop to tie a shoelace after emerging from the creek and lost at least 20 seconds. Finshed 3rd AG, but without the shoelace incident may have been able to take 2nd.</p>
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