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Sunday, Oct. 2 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Good afternoon, LIT Friends!</p>
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<p>5- mile social fun run this morning with a cast of characters including our very own MasterOfSomething. Enjoyed coffee and chatter afterward with the crew at the store from which we run. Only thing that could have been better was that we tossed back a few cold ones. Alas, that will happen during football watching today.</p>
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<p>Great weekend!</p>
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Yoshi - sorry to hear you guys have had a rough 6 months. <img alt="sad.gif" class="bbcode_smiley" src=""><br>
Don - nice racing...again!<br>
Thor - I'm on the hunt for pumpkin beer!!!! (nice run today too!)<br><br>
Did 12.5 hilly miles today. Would have loved to be on trail, but settled for a little bit on the dirt road behind our neighborhood and mostly road. It got hot early today...left at 8:15 and that was too late. And after sitting in the sun through a football game yesterday, I felt pretty drained after. But, the run was solid - feeling much stronger on those longer hills. I've been doing hill intervals on the treadmill and the P90X plyo workout every week and I think it's helping.
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