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Sunday November 7 - Switch your Clocks

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<p>Caught unawares by the change in time was surprised to wake and find it light out! Oh well, not the first time.</p>
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<p>Lousy nights sleep and still a bit tired from my travels but I WILL do something today.</p>
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<p>Hawks racing right?  Go Hawk!</p>
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<p>10 mile race. Weather conditions were near perfect. The flyer said flat course. Liars. Most races around lakes have hills. This race had a bunch of smallish hills.</p>
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<p>Got to the race late, which takes some effort since it started at noon. Didn't have time to stretch correctly, and started too far back in the pack. I spent the first 2 minutes losing time to slower runners in the way.</p>
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<p>There was no marker for mile 1, so I had no gauge on how fast I went out. Hit mile 2 in 13:59. I was aiming for 7:40 pace so this was way way way way way too fast. The race was probably already ruined. I decided to use this as a learning experience. I would slow to goal pace and hang on for as long as I can and hope the time in the bank was enough cushion.</p>
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<p>Miles 3, 4(hilly), 5 in 7:32, 8:00, 7:35. Half way in 37:06. My goal was 1:16:55 to break my pr, so I was 1:40 ahead of pace, but hurting pretty bad.</p>
<p>Miles 6 (some hills), 7 (some hills), 8 (some hills) in 7:54, 7:57, 8:04. Fading and hurting.</p>
<p>7 miles in 52:57 was a 25 second alltime PR and 8 miles in 1:01:01 was a 6 second alltime PR.</p>
<p>Miles 9 (some hills), 10 in 8:09, 7:57. No more PRs. Both times missed by 9 seconds.</p>
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<p>#2 alltime 10 mile run in 1:17:06.</p>
<p>The lack of good pre-race prep, the bad starting spot, the hills, and the lack of good pacing cost me.</p>
<p>A good race none the less, it was a fundraiser for a scholarship. Some aches in the hammies.</p>
<p>Mileage is down but the intensity is up as I chase PRs. If the weather cooperates I might go to the track next weekend and go after another 10 mile or half marathon PR Good running, everybody.</p>
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