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Sunday, June 26 - WORKOUTS!

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<p>Basic daily run, then off to work.</p>
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<p>GO RONBO!</p>
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<p>37m 45s - 4.15 miles - 09m 06s/Mi<br><br>
6:05 AM <br><br>
Equipment: Brooks Launch 05/11<br><br>
Warm/low 60s - Sunny and calm. Crawford/Puckett/Security/Kiva/Fontaine/Grinnell/Crawford/Upton/home. Short slow easy effort run. Sore from the race. Stretching afterward.</p>
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<p>Small RR: Since Saturday's thread is locked, I'll put up both Sat and Sun</p>
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<p>Sat - "Big Man Run."  About 4.3 miles of - run to a bar, drink a beer, eat a hotdog.  Run to another bar, eat a bear, drink a hotdog, run back to 1st bar, drink a beer, eat a hotdog, sprint to the finish.  Try not to puke.  it was about 4.3, and I did it in 46 min.  The premise is this.. 2 weight classes, 190-210 and 210 plus. There were a few well over 280 and a couple over 300 lots of walkers, etc.  </p>
<p>I was 49th of 150 finishers. I also barely made the weigh in, if I was under 190, I'd be a skinny, I drank water and had a bagel on the way, also were my jacket, so I was 191.5 and just made it!! (I'm not sure it's a good thing)  Anyway, It was fun, and next year, I hope to be a skinny - you get made fun of :) Then I drank more beer and took a nap around 4 (there was a Jazz festival after)  Woke up at 7 from my nap with a Hangover.  Beer does not make a good hydration strategy, and a hot dog is not great race nutrition</p>
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<p>Sunday, 4 miles nice and easy with Monica on the Esplinade.. nice to run with Monica for a change.. </p>
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<p>I told you the 2nd bar was harder! <br>
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you ate a BEAR?</p>
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