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Sunday Dinner

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What, no dinner thread today??<br><br>
We're having a classic football dinner at the Bannon house - Grilled brats, sauerkraut, and hot German potato salad with a mug of Hog Heaven barleywine to wash it down.<br><br>
Last night was squid-ink spaghetti noodles with chicken, leeks, garlic, and red bell pepper overtop. And Italian cheese, of course. Yum-o.
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Chilli, cornbread, and lots of beer by a crackling fire while watching playoff football. Tabasco makes everything taste mighty fine. But don't tell the Ironmate I said that. Seriously, there's something wrong with me with the hot stuff... I can honestly use an entire bottle of the hot stuff and still want more. I'll be on fire, but like an addiction, I'll be back for more. And so I douse away.
The Ironmate does the same as BrewDad, and it's probably pretty good stuff, but I'm really addicted to the hot stuff, so much that I have one or two "regular" bites before soaking the rest in a Tabasco glaze. Love when it's so hot your face gets all race and you start taking off layers of clothing because you're so hot.
Totally agreed. Because I do the same (but I can get the 16 oz at grocery store). Unless our tastebuds are growing immune.<br><br>
I have another favorite. It's this wasabi mustard. It's an ugly green and is kind of gross but is really hot. I enjoy the "buzz" it puts in my brain but find very little the Ironmate cooks to put it on. So it sits. Until cheese and crackers come out. Or chicken tenders.
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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