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Sunday, December 19

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<p>morning.  normal Sunday Restday for me</p>
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<p>Good Luck <strong>FB</strong>  and <strong>zrun!!!</strong></p>
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<p>I braved the 11-12 degrees or so to run a small 5k this morning.   Thankfully there was a place to wait around indoors at the start.   I wore a long sleeve technical race shirt covered by a fleece top, tights, ear-covering headband and light gloves.   I was still pretty cold, but okay other than the gloves - shoud've gone with the heavier ones or covered the light ones with socks - once we turned into the wind my fingers started going numb.   I did not look at my watch the whole way since I didn't want to pull up my sleeve.   Still managed to pace evenly 7:11, 7:14, 7:12 and total of 22:19.  Wasn't expecting much today and reasonably happy with it.  </p>
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<p><strong>Hawk</strong> - hope you enjoya the day off, nice 10 in the snow yesterday</p>
<p><strong>Chances</strong> - this cold has been here long enough already! </p>
<p><strong>Dan</strong> - have a good thirty</p>
<p><strong>MBH</strong> - nice miles!</p>
<p><strong>Jebba</strong> - love days like those, way to go on the streak</p>
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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