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Sunday, December 19

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<p>morning.  normal Sunday Restday for me</p>
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<p>Good Luck <strong>FB</strong>  and <strong>zrun!!!</strong></p>
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<p>FB and zrun--GOOD LUCK!!!</p>
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<p>BBS--rest up</p>
<p>chances--you need screw shoes!</p>
<p>Dan--enjoy the something, whatever that happens to be.</p>
<p>Mailbox--great job on the 16 in snow.</p>
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<p>No, I am not racing today.  My season ended with that DNS earlier this month.  Had quite the enjoyable 3000m in the fishbowl.  Had a couple of bunnies to chase which always makes it fun.  Checked out the Last Chance for Boston loop and it is clear, so I'll run that tomorrow.  Seriously considering doing the half there, which is early next season.</p>
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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