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I told myself I was going to run for 2.5 hours today, and I ended up at 2:30:05 for 19 miles. I had some interesting milestones today.<br><br>
Mile 3: 7:02. I got behind Gags' large pro training group and tailed them for a little while. Good thing it was early in the run.<br>
5k: 23<br>
10k: 46:30<br>
15k: 1:10:15<br>
10M: 1:16<br>
1/2Mary: 1:40:05<br><br>
Then I pretty much just ran until the glycogen and electrolytes were out of my system, just barely hanging on until the 19 mile mark. My worst mile was #17, but I finished relatively strong with an 8:05 for #19. I drank out of a couple of bubblers in the park, but brought no food, drink or salt tabs with me for maximum effect.<br><br>
No more hard runs until the Eugene Marathon, which I'm going to cruise rather than race. Looking forward to racing later this year, hopefully at a lower weight.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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