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Heading out in about 20 minutes for my 20<br><br>
Mike good luck with your back to back!!!!! How are your legs feeling?<br><br>
P.S. 5:20 am just ate a double cheeseburger<img alt="biggrin.gif" src="">
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I had a great run... I am still trying to figure out when I was able to go out and get a nice 20 miler in ad feel like it was fairly easy?<br><br>
Nice work on the 7<br><br>
I am actually looking forward to this VRAA being over.... I am looking for a little down time to be honest with you.
Mike, the muscles feel great considering I ran 20 miles...<br><br>
I started off with the morning protien<br><br>
than at mile 7 I had a can of slimfast and half banana. also every three miles I treated as a aide staion after mile 7. so mile 10 I drank water. mile 13 I drank more water than had other half of bannana Jelly Bellies and 10-15 ounces gatoraide, mile 16 gel and water (portta john) thank god I was carrying Toilet paper in my Running vest. mile 20 another bannana and a real heavily mixed protien shake. a little stretch. My legs feel Awesome right now... I held a 10:45- 11:30 pace... every now and than i would dip to see something starting with 9 but I kept saying IF mike can slow it down so can I!!! and this was supposed to be a recovery run anyways. Muscles were never fatiqued never felt out of breath or tired.kept a pretty flat course as well... trant the road and trails through Goose Island
Yea I gues I shouldnt have said that... I really am not that caliber of a runner yet. Recovery meant much cslower as to not fatique or kill leg muscles! I really was not expecting a Easy 20... But Man it really was easy...if I didnt have to go to work I would have just kept going!<br><br>
I have 2 long runs of 20 or 20 plus this week... and than Starting next Monday taper.. so probably a few 12's
Mike, It will be my first Ultra or any race over 5 miles for than matter.... I am planning on a nice slow at my pace run... no one one elses pace.... I am counting on many more in the future to work on speed.<br><br>
and quite honestly..... I hope it will always be about enjoying the run! not about can I place ... more about can I finish with a smile and have a few beers and burgers (or scotch & a cuban) afterwords with friends<br><br>
P.S. how long have you lived in Neenah and what year did you grad from UWL?<br>
I know a few people from Neenah
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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