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Summer student time is nearly over and I still haven't gotten used to it...

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<p>Having oby working here has been interesting.  Examples:</p>
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<ul><li>Veep asking me who the hunk was that I was having lunch with.  Slightly cougarish and off-putting, still I have good genes and he apparently looks good in jeans (during Stampede)</li>
<li>Riding the bus with him and having him talk work issues... with passion.  This is my son?</li>
<li>Getting IM'd on work-related questions "Who do I speak to about application 'X'?"</li>
<li>Getting praise for his good work - TELL HIM dammit!  Still, it does make me proud FOR him.</li>
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<p>He stayed in Victoria to do a summer course - next year he's having jaw surgery in the summer so he's likely to want a reduced course load for that next semester.  He tried to find work, but Victoria is a very tight job market.  The oby who is here applied for the job from Montreal...  and while Calgary isn't exactly boom town he did have a few other offers.</p>
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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