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Suggestion for MIA persons?

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I was pm'ing with Rich because I noticed that Cappy has gone missing (hasn't logged on since 1-4-08 ). I thought perhaps I was just out of the loop and missed an announcement that he was taking a break.<br><br>
We are also missing APRR Chuck and last I read (on the VRAA board) no one really knows what happened to him and he was a Team Captain for VRAA #7. sort of odd that he would leave in the midst of that. And Cappy never finished out the Maintain Campaign competition either (that's what got me thinking about him today).<br><br>
Does anyone here know what happened to these two? Should we start a thread inquiring about missing persons and see if anyone knows the whereabouts of folks that have been here awhile and then just seem to disappear? And if we start a thread, where should that be? PRT seems like a logical place since that is where most of the long-timers post. But is it possible to keep drama/gossip out of a legit MIA thread in the PRT? <img alt="huh.gif" src=""><br><br>
any other ideas? or if someone knows where these two went, then I guess it can all just be put to rest. . .
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That's good Tithers....I always worry that they are sick or dead and we have no way of knowing. I am morbid I guess.... or it's just old age
Well crap, sure hope he is ok <img alt="sad.gif" src="">
Saw the news in PRT *phew*
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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