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Suddenly.... It got real!

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<p>Last night I spent about 3 hours screwing with travel arrangements for the trip to Florida... trip to Las Vegas... trip to Knoxville... trip to CDA (!).. then Seattle... then Vancouver... then Portland... And all before 7/6/11!</p>
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<p>Plus I was looking at my schedule... I haven't had a rest day since 1/1 (when I was sick). But I'm feeling good. Real good, actually. I've had recovery days, instead of full on rest day. EZ swims or run or bike days, for example. Some optional. But I've hit 'em all without even thinking about it. COOL.</p>
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<p>My first training trip (Florida) is in 1 week.</p>
<p>My first half iron of the year is in 7 weeks. (with an 8 day training trip added to it)</p>
<p>My second half iron is in 7 after that.</p>
<p>My first FULL iron is in 6 after that.</p>
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<p>Suddenly... it all seems so soon. OMG... um.... apparently I signed up for an Ironman. <span><img alt="tongue3.gif" src="" style="width:16px;height:16px;"></span></p>
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<p>Bring it. Getting excited finally!</p>
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<p>Wow, Ron, that does sound so real.  As an old friend who has been watching you for the last -  what, 5-6yrs? - it continues to amaze me how YOU work toward YOUR goals.  Keep up the good work.  I am watching you.</p>
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