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Good day! Well, the 'pre-subscription' period is coming to an end and I wanted to post an update. Tonight or Tomorrow, I'll be adding 2 months to everyones subscription period.<br><br>
We've done a good job of raising initial funds. I believe we will be set and in a position to have our running log 100% paid for and FINISHED by the end of the 3rd Quarter.<br><br>
The log, in it's current configuration will always be free. The new updates will be part of the subscription service. We won't change our subscription fees whatsoever - and you'll automatically get all new features. The Features we will be adding:<br><br>
1. Garmin Compatibility<br>
2. Log Sharing<br>
3. Multi-sport Capability<br><br><br>
We've got one member here working on this and I'm discussing some options with outside sources in case our member needs assistance to complete the modules. I'm committed to completing this as quickly as possible. I've allocated 100% of the funds we've received to completing the log. If there is money left, I'll use it to continue paying server fees - if not, I'll keep paying them and wait for new subscribers to reimburse me.<br><br><br>
We've got a lot of work done in the last 2 months - ESPECIALLY the KickWiki! If you've not checked it out, look at the work LeftRightRepeat and Mustang Sally have done! This is VALUE ADDED CONTENT to our site and is really bringing to a higher level!<br><br><br>
Fee free to post any comments/questions/concerns you have right here in this article area. Only subscribers have access to this area.<br><br><br>
Thanks for your support!<br><br><br>
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