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They way roots describles them is the most common way - 80 -120 meters<br><br>
The "all out" usually means "without straining" - Its not your 100 meter speed - but it is a sprint<br><br>
I also do them on the road 4-6 the last mile of 1-2 runs a week - but often I will do them progressively faster - start at 5k speed and then end with the final 1 or 2 all out and go back to easy pace jog in between.<br><br>
It is fun to do them on a nice football or soccer field - Football - end zone to end zone - taking the 1st 50-60 meters to ramp up and then float to the next end zone.<br><br>
I think these are specially a good idea for me during base building as I am doing a lot of miles @ easy pace and it allows the legs to fell some speed without causing much strain.<br><br>
On other easy runs - I will do a mile or 1/2 mile fast finish @ 5k or 10k pace, but do the last bit close to all out. Again some fast running without much strain.
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