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Is there anything I'm missing? Some body part I'm neglecting?<br><br>
My foremost goal of weight-training is to build strength. I wouldn't mind a little additional muscle but since I know I can't really build while dieting, I'd be quite happy with maintaining lean body mass as much as possible while losing weight.<br><br>
Haven't been good the last couple weeks with finals and term papers coming due, but this is what I was doing, and what I've just started resuming:<br>
I try to do a split.... Upper body, and then lower body/abs. I only have dumbbells 4-25 lb, ankle weights, & a bench, so it is limited to those types of exercises. I have a bad habit of skipping my lower body workouts that I'm trying to get over... but when it comes down to it and running, then the lower body strength training is going to be put on back burner. I aim to do 6-12 reps, though if I don't have enough weight for that in a particular exercise, then I'll just go to exhaust by reps. Two sets normally, I want to work on increasing that to three.<br><br><b>Upper Body</b><br>
One Arm Row<br>
Shoulder Shrugs<br>
Pelvic Tilt<br>
Back Extension<br>
Pushup <i>regular drop to modified</i><br>
Dumbbell Press<br>
Overhead Press<br>
Lateral Raise<br>
Front Raise<br>
Bicep Curl <i>Dropdowns, start at 20 fall down to 10 lb.</i><br>
Concentration Curl<br>
Tricep Kickbacks<br>
Tricep Dips<br>
Wrist Curl<br>
Reverse Wrist Curl<br><br><b>Lower Body & Abs</b><br>
Reverse Crunch<br>
Twist Crunch<br>
Rolling Ball<br>
Leg Curls<br>
Thigh Lift<br>
Inner Thigh Lift<br>
Front Leg Lift<br>
Back Leg Lift<br>
Wall Sit<br>
Calf Raise<br>
Inner Calf Raise<br>
Outer Calf Raise<br>
Toe Lift

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Can you possibly buy a stability ball? I see more and more people advocating it. One of the exercises my trainer showed me that I do at my home gym (and it gets my heart rate UP THERE) is ball against the wall squats with light dumbells. You can do your squats with feet in different positions plus it works your core, a 2fer. I do them like this picture <img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br>
but lifting the weight in front (thumbs up) and then in a V (knuckles up)<br>
I try to do 15 then go to the bench leg lifts. One thing he has me doing is trying to keep my heart rate in target zone for as much of the hour as we can. Burn fat while working muscles. I wear my HRM and if it gets too low it's time to move it! (And damn if I didn't put it in my bag for tonights session) This is a big one if your trying to lose.<br>
Click through the link to see the other exercises.<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Plus on the bench he has me do my leg/butt lifts. Lay flat, hands over head holding bench, lift leg to 90 degrees and lift butt and lower.

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Here's a great site, not just that page, look around<br>
What I love about this guy is he shows stuff for free, not look here's a peek now buy my book or video.<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Part of the problem with weight training in this way, you are training your body for the same excercises. the body is very good at becoming stagnant with this.<br><br>
there is a lot of study on this, what you want to do is called periodization ( i think). basically you want to mix up your workouts to such a point that you rarely do the same thing again. this doesn't allow your muscles to get used to that particular excercise.<br><br>
Here is an excellent article on the training i am working on:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
seriously, this stuff is the bomb. I have seen runners whose times have decreased because of the excersise they do here.<br><br>

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I care about my health and fitness first and foremost.<br><br>
I consider myself a runner, but I'm not running to be competitive.<br><br>
And I like muscle! <img alt="icon_cheers.gif" src="">
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