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Saturday I ran the Streets of Galway 8K and surprised, and pleased, myself, by clocking 37:22 for the near 5 mile race.<br><br>
There is a full report on my blog (see link below), but the short story was I lined up too far back in a field of 2000, and it took me almost two minutes to cross the start line, and the first quarter of the race (2k) took me a little over 10 minutes, but I settled into a steady middle 4K, running 18:30, and then finished very strongly, clocking 8:48 for the last quarter, and a time well inside my expectations.<br><br>
This race equates to a 7:30 pace and this Saturday coming I'm running a 10 Mile race and can hopefully expect a sub 80 clocking there. Things are coming together, and with 14 weeks to go to Philadelphia I can look forward positively.
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