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Stoopid question for man

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Following the "stoopid" clothing question for women last week, I have one for men. Right now I'm racing in Pearl tri shorts and a underarmour tight shirt, or last year, whatever. I want a tri top that I can swim in for later in the year when the wetsuits aren't allowed or the race is short. The water warms up pretty quick around here. The manufacturers don't declare which ones are right for swimming in. Are any of them??<br>
Tank Top<br>
Pockets for gu<br>
Streamlined for Swim, (tight pockets, tight fit, etc)<br>
Extends close to the shorts (sorry, but the midrif thing I haven't pushed myself to yet)
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If you get a tri-top, make sure the arm holes are big enough to fit you. If they are too tight, they chafe. Maybe bite the bullet and buy one locally that you can try on first rather than get it over the net (like I did.)
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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