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Stoopid question for man

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Following the "stoopid" clothing question for women last week, I have one for men. Right now I'm racing in Pearl tri shorts and a underarmour tight shirt, or last year, whatever. I want a tri top that I can swim in for later in the year when the wetsuits aren't allowed or the race is short. The water warms up pretty quick around here. The manufacturers don't declare which ones are right for swimming in. Are any of them??<br>
Tank Top<br>
Pockets for gu<br>
Streamlined for Swim, (tight pockets, tight fit, etc)<br>
Extends close to the shorts (sorry, but the midrif thing I haven't pushed myself to yet)
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I have some by Sugoi and Tyr. Both are skin tight and have pockets. Both turn into Tithers favorite belly shirts. Meaning the ride up and expose my gut as I run. Makes for fabulous race photos..... not.<br><br>
I can pull them down and they are fine standing around. But they do creep up with activity. They also seem to be European cut. Meaning I buy a size large, but they seem to fit like a medium.<br><br>
I prefer the one piece suits, but using a porta poty with the one piece sucks. Meaning you have to slip the straps off your shoulders and drop the whole thing down and I dont like loose clothing in the nasty closed spaces.<br><br>
But for racing its a lot nicer.
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