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Still waiting Wednesday - 8th June

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<p>Hi all, and again, I have been lax at posting, but as I went for an early morning run today I thought I would get in while I can. I'm presently over in England, awaiting the arrival of Maisie Moo!, my soon to enter the world first grand-child. She was due yesterday, but no signs yet. I'm staying with friends in the High Peak area of Derbyshire, where I used to live in the 90's - when I was running long and hard. They live along the canal where I used to spend a lot of time training, and this morning, myself and Tracy, my hostess, went out along the canal towpath for a run of around 9Km, in a little over an hour, at a very leisurely conversational pace, with her two dogs running along with us - It brought back fond memories of faster times.......  Seems my daughter is going to help my training by keeping me waiting a little longer, so I may get a few more runs in along this beautiful area of the country.</p>
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<p>Happy running to everyone...</p>
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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