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Steven's April Snow Storm Soup

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<p>It could also be entitled "Steven's Procrastinating on a Sunday Soup"  Well, this was based on what was in the house.  I'd pay money for it at a restaurant. </p>
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<ul><li>5 c. liquid (I had about half stock and half water because that is what was on hand)</li>
<li>1/4 cup (or a bit more) of red lentils, rinsed</li>
<li>3/4 cup (or a bit less) quinoa, rinsed</li>
<li>1 onion, chopped</li>
<li>2 stalks celery, chopped, and some leaves too if you have them</li>
<li>2 carrots, chopped.  (Celery and carrots are largish)</li>
<li>1/2 zuke, chopped.  Other half you had yesterday, remember?</li>
<li>2 cloves garlic, smooshed under your knife</li>
<li>sea salt, ground pepper to taste</li>
<li>1/8 tsp cinnamon.  Yes.  Cinnamon.  Trust me.</li>
<li>1 tsp or more curry powder, to taste.</li>
<li>1 c. Milk (I used rice milk)</li>
</ul><p> </p>
<p>Simmer the lentils and quinoa in the liquid for half an hour.  Add the veggies and simmer for at least half an hour or until they are soft.  Remove from heat, add spices.  Blend, add milk.  Heat but do not boil. </p>
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<p>That's it, that's all.  Amazing soup.  And made up on the spot.  I am assuming that it will be great tomorrow as leftovers.  Even cold...</p>
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I am an ardent fan of boobs.</p>
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<p>what the H is a lentil, anyway?</p>
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<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>Buxtehude</strong> <a href="/forum/thread/73308/steven-s-april-snow-storm-soup#post_1992384"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" style="border-bottom:0px solid;border-left:0px solid;border-top:0px solid;border-right:0px solid;"></a><br><br><p>I am an ardent fan of the red lentil.</p>
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