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I'm new to following the HRM.<br><br>
How critical is it to train within the zone?<br><br>
During todays 13-miler I was at 80% of MHR on average. I was in Garmin's Zone 2 (60-70%) for 2-miles, Zone 3 (70-80%) for 8-miles and Zone 4 (80-90%) for 2.8 -miles. Looking at the graph, the higher rates occurred throughout the run with hills. Average pace was 9:53/mile which is within McMillans Long-run/Easy-Run Pace suggestions for a 3:55 Marathon. My last marathon was in September and I ran a 4:02.<br><br>
Today at least the HRM suggests I should have ran slower.<br><br>
Which is the better training method to achieve a race goal?<br><br>
Should I be better trained forcing workouts to pace guidelines or run pace per Heart Rate? FWIW I've logged 3,200 miles this year.<br><br>
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