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Stationary bike vs. on the road

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Since I bought my bike in late Fall, I have only ridden outside a few times. I primarily use a stationary bike at the gym although I am considering buying a trainer. How can I compare the effort put forth on the gym bike to what I will experience on the road or for that matter on a trainer.
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that's been my experience exactly!!<br><br>
I've used my new bike a bit but not as much as I would have wanted. Just being patient and using the gym exercise bikes until Spring.<br><br>
pedalling quickly for a long time is what makes a bike go quick. so; pedalling good. not pedalling bad. if an ex bike is your option (and it's all I've got, midweek) that's that. define great work-out. if you're building a base and you want your heart beating in zone 2 for an hour while pedalling then it's job-done, isn't it?<br><br>
as for comparing the ex bike to outside, i don't bother: the machine will tell me 35KM for an hour, which is +20mph, but I cannot do that on the roads outside because of traffic and road surfaces and hills. So inside I just do cadences +100 and make that the focus outside too (although 90-100 is more realistic outside when 100+ is easier inside).
I'd guess it might be different for everybody and for any given day, because of bike set-up, wind resistance, different course having different hills and road surfaces. not sure - sorry. probably no right or wrong answer.
why is it so hard to imagine? are they already freakishly strong?<br><br>
if the bike (stationary or not) has a power meter, and you set interval targets for power output, then that's a work-out isn't it?<br><br>
and you can increase what output you can achieve over-time. ?? am I missing something??
melistic: no worries. your stationary bikes probably don't have as tough resistance options as the ones at my gym.
pedal hard and fast, right?<br><br>
okay we've cracked biking. what shall we do next?
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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