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Stationary bike vs. on the road

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Since I bought my bike in late Fall, I have only ridden outside a few times. I primarily use a stationary bike at the gym although I am considering buying a trainer. How can I compare the effort put forth on the gym bike to what I will experience on the road or for that matter on a trainer.
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Just my personal opinion....While a stationary bike is a 'workout', I would consider a trainer a much more cycling specific work out. The main reason is in addition to working out leg muscles and getting cardio, you are putting more time into your actual biking position and hence actual leg muscles/pedal stroke.<br><br>
When I was training for an IM last year and putting many hours on the trainer in addition to out side I had to go on a buisiness trip and was forced to go to the gym to get in my cycling workout. I quit after only 30 minutes because while I was getting a 'leg' workout, it was so different from my actual pedal stroke that I felt I was better just missing that one workout.<br><br>
I guess thats a long way of saying I dont think a stationary bike translates that well to riding outside and would invest in a trainer....
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