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Stationary bike vs. on the road

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Since I bought my bike in late Fall, I have only ridden outside a few times. I primarily use a stationary bike at the gym although I am considering buying a trainer. How can I compare the effort put forth on the gym bike to what I will experience on the road or for that matter on a trainer.
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A lot of people are slackers.<br><br>
Back when I was a triathlete, I would do two weekly workouts on the stationary bike, then a road ride on the weekend. The gym workouts were for strength, mostly high resistance intervals, and the weekend ride was tempo style. Very effective.<br><br>
You can get a great workout on the stationary bike as long as you don't slack off and just spin away. You want to get off the machine feeling at least as tired as when you get off the bike after a similar duration ride. Preferably more tired.
Hmmm...on the bikes at my gym, level 20 hill workout is insanely hard. No way I could do it for 45 minutes. At my strongest, I could do maybe level 17 for 30 minutes, then a steady spin at level 12 or so for another 30 minutes. And would be POURING sweat less than halfway through the hill portion. I'm no elite cyclist, but I'm no slacker, either. So somehow the bikes at your gym must be set to a much lower resistance than the ones at my gym. That or I'm wimpier than I though...<img alt="uhoh2.gif" src="">
Not in my book. To me, junk miles are the rides that I don't even consider to be a ride. Like when I "ride around" with DD6. Or if I were to ride down to the store and back with the neighbor. Something I could do in jeans and get off the bike feeling like I never got on. Pointless in terms of training.<br><br>
Also, easy rides (or runs) done on a day that <i>should</i> be a rest day.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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