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Stationary bike vs. on the road

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Since I bought my bike in late Fall, I have only ridden outside a few times. I primarily use a stationary bike at the gym although I am considering buying a trainer. How can I compare the effort put forth on the gym bike to what I will experience on the road or for that matter on a trainer.
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there are certainly those more versed in biking than I. That being said I have never seen anyone get a great workout from the stationary bike.
if you say so..<br>
I've tried both bikes at level 20/ hills for 45 min. (research) I wasn't slacking. Both I got off feeling that my leg muscles where more relaxed after the spin.<br>
I see many many people ride them everyday. I've only ever seen one guy who works hard enough to call it even working and he'll admit it's more about just getting his h.r. up for a half hour. Not that he feels worked.<br>
I've also seen other triathletes come in to work out muscles after a race or long, hard training ride. Akin to your recovery run.<br>
I have a real hard time believing either Bannon or LRR get a honest to goodness workout out of the stationary bike? <img alt="confused.gif" src=""> Seriously guys?
I'd say you can definitely get a good workout on a trainer! The trainer and the 'gym bike' don't really compare and it's a worthy investment if you have the money/ space.<br><br>
I honestly have no idea how your stationary bike would compare to outdoor riding. As with treadmill miles, I imagine that it does. ? If you have ever spent a couple weeks running on the treadmill you'll feel like you are moving in slow motion on the road. I imagine that you'll feel that way on your bike when you take off in April. My best advice while your thinking on a trainer, would be to do the best you can to move the upright bike into your best possible 'road bike' fit which I'm not sure (I'd have to look at it) may throw your back/hips out of plumb. And I don't think you can get the handlebars down, so if you are training on it, you'll have to add in <span style="text-decoration:underline;">additional</span> core work so that you can handle the change in position come April.<br>
I have no idea what you do in addition...but interchanging w/ the elliptical/ stepper/spin class/ mountain climber, heck even a pump class will help to build/maintain the strength/endurance you'll need.<br><br>
Yes Pete, they are freakishly strong~ it may technically be a workout. But if they feel they are getting a workout~ more importantly if you feel that you are getting a workout... I'm not saying I've never been wrong. Just that I don't think I am.
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kristine the spin bike and the stationary bike are different bikes.
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