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<i><span style="font-size:xx-small;">Will be crossposted to my blog as soon as I figure out how to add pics in my blog posts! <img alt="smile.gif" src=""></span></i><br><br>
Squats are probably my favorite lower body exercise. There are so many things you can do with them to challenge your quadriceps, hamstrings, gluts, hips, core, lower back... Good stuff.<br><br>
Stand with your feet hip distance apart, spine nice and aligned, head neutral, shoulders relaxed and down. On an inhale, bend your knees and keep your hips back as though there were a chair behind you. You should be able to see your toes throughout the movement if you glance down. If your knees are farther forward than your toes, obscuring your view of your toes, you are doing more harm than good! Keep those hips back. This girl has great form:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
As you can see, her hips are back, her knees are bent to 90 degrees, and her thighs are parallel to the floor. She is holding one dumbbell. If you can handle more weight, you can place a weighted bar across the upper part of your back (NOT on your spine), like this:<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
Here is an example of really bad form. And bad clothes. And bad hair, frankly. <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
See how his knees are in front of his toes? His knees should be back over his ankles or shoelaces, like the woman pictured above. She rocks. He does not.<br><br>
More later.
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<img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br>
Do you have one of these machines, Theia? Try your split squat on it with the other leg floating behind and digging in with your heel of the standing leg. I seriously use no more than 20 lbs it is so hard!
Theia - you should change your middle name to "I will make you hurt.....bad"
I know this isn't what runners have in mind, but I couldn't resist.<br><br><div style="text-align:center;">
<div style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">THE SQUAT</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">Down this road, in a gym far away,<br>
a young man was heard to say,<br>
"no matter what I do, my legs won't grow".<br>
He tried leg extensions, leg curls, and leg presses , too<br>
trying to cheat, these sissy workouts he'd do.</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">From the corner of the gym where the big men train,<br>
through a cloud of chalk and the midst of pain<br>
where the noise is made with big forty fives,<br>
a deep voice bellowed as he wrapped his knees.<br>
a very big man with legs like trees.</span></span></div>
<div style="text-align:center;"><span style="font-family:'Times New Roman';"><span style="font-size:medium;">Laughing as he snatched another plate from the stack<br>
chalking his hands and monstrous back,<br>
said, "boy, stop lying and don't say you've forgotten,<br>
the trouble with you is you ain't been SQUATTIN'. " <img alt="smile.gif" src=""></span></span></div>
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<b>TJ</b>, is that an assisted squat machine (your shoulders go under the pads and bear the weight)? We don't have that. We have a Smith machine but nothing else good for legs. I wish we had a hack squat machine. YEEEEOOOOWWWWCH!! (In a good way, of course.)
yep... do you ever do single leg squats using the smith machine? Try placing a bench in front of the smith machine bar. Place the bar on your shoulders and step up on the bench. You should be leaning back a bit on the bar. Lift one leg and let it slide back like you are going to lunge but don't let it touch the ground. Then push back up to the top....super buns!
if you turn your feet out (like pilates) from a slightly wider stance on oache's move you'll get a great 'saddle bag' move.<br><br>
assisted squats? jeez that looks dangerous for the masses. I'm glad we don't have one of those. I imagine that would drive me more nuts than all the people misusing the tricep pulldown. I have to turn my head when walking past that one.<br><br>
Grey Dog: do you have one of those poems for all the men complaining about small calves spending all their time on the seated calf raise? lol
Holy hell! That sounds horrific! <span style="font-size:xx-small;">(Can't wait to try it.)</span> <img alt="smile.gif" src=""><br><br><b>Melis</b>, I'll have to try the toes-out hamstring doodad. Unfortunately, saddlebags are catching up with me!!! DRAT that slowing metabolism!
<b>Melis</b> thanks for the pointing out the toe thing. My toes always lift up.
oops I meant turn your feet out on this one <img alt="cool.gif" src=""><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"> from a wider stance w/ feet towards outside of ball
<img alt="confused.gif" src=""> so start with the ball between your back and the wall?<br><br>
I a beginner, beginner, my hamstrings are too strong in comparison to quads and make squats are near impossible with that imbalance and PF rocking back on my heels is owwie
Yes Fox. Start with the ball @ about the small of your back. Feet out way farther from the wall than you think is necessary. (3 or 4 feet) Feet shoulder width apart. Sometimes a broomstick handle/ski pole/hiking stick/empty bar/ in one hand for extra balance. As you lower down the ball will ride up your back to about your shoulder blades/bra strap area. Bend from the hips like you are going to sit in a chair, go as far as is just more than comforting and push through your heels, squeezing your butt as you come back up.<br><br>
A really simple way to improve your quad strength is to stand up out of your chair (office, kitchen, heck toilet) without grabbing an arm rest or the desk or table and pulling yourself up. You'll be amazed once you start noticing how often you cheat to stand up. <img alt="blush.gif" src="">
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other quad moves<br><br><img alt="" src="" style="border:0px solid;"><br><br>
That's it. just hold there. Of course you know we <i>can</i> make this harder.<br><br>
Fox: here's the ball wall squat<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
TJ's Smith machine is a great way for beginners to learn too because it locks you into form. (I'm not sure about the assisted version) Put a step about ? one giant step in front of machine. Then when you take the bar off the rack, step up onto step. as you squat back and down ~ you have nowhere to go but into correct position. if you don't have a friend to catch you; slide a bench where the theoretical chair would be.<br><br>
*disclamer. squats and lunges are hard on the knees if your quads can't keep up. ALWAYS make sure you can see your big toe!!! In rehabbing quads your knees might actually hurt worse for a couple a days (but hey we're runners) if you have any question about form find a mirror or a well experienced trainer to look at your form.
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Done the ball wall squat and the wide squat with a 10# dumb bell. My quads were sore for a few days. Also, isn't the one with feet on a chair and person laying on the back like a yoga pose? I think, the bridge? But with that, feet on floor, and hips and back come up, off the floor? The only thing that is touching the floor is shoulders, neck, head and feet.
Cripes. I'm came across an excellent display of squatting strength and coordination.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
To follow up a bit, I'd very much advise that when a person first tries overhead squats, do it without any load or a just an empty bar to practice the position of it overhead.
Yeah it's like a bridge. But with the ball you are contracting and extending not just holding as you would be in the bridge.
This seems like a good way to injure yourself if you're not careful, but if you do it right, I imagine you can build up some insane power<br><br><a href="" target="_blank">One-Legged Pistols</a>
Thanks Joe for the new modes of torture, I mean training modifications. I love the band assisted single leg squat <img alt="smile.gif" src="">
She's wearing flipflops?<br><br>
(edit cause it said flipflips he-he)
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