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I've never written a race report before but then again I've never run a 10K race before either--hopefully my report goes as well as my race did.<br><br>
No major issues getting to the race, it is a 45 minute drive from home down I-44. The Sunshine Run has been held for a number of years, and this year the proceeds went towards a number of charities, including the St. John's Burn Center, the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks, and Ronald McDonald House. DH and I ran it together--it was a race "date"!<br><br>
This race started and ended at Hammons Field, the stadium for the Springfield Cardinals, the AAA team for the St. Louis Cardinals. It was also the biggest race DH and I have ever been in--they announced 2400 or so participants for three races (mile fun walk, 5K and 10K). At the end of the race you actually enter the stadium and go around the bases--the finish line is behind home plate. They used those ChampionChips and you went over a mat right before going onto the field--so they could get your name, which they announced over the loudspeaker as you headed towards home plate. You could also see the runners heading around the bases up on the JumboTron TV on the scoreboard.<br><br>
For the race it was about 45-50 degrees and slightly overcast--perfect for running but a little chilly for standing around waiting for the 10K to start! We jogged back and forth between the car and the stadium as I kept forgetting things, but we still had some time to kill before the race. We met up with several people from our hometown, some of whom we were expecting to see and some not. My training partner for our first half in December was there and telling everyone I was going to kill her if she tried to keep up with me (she beat me by 5 seconds at the last 5K). That made me laugh, although I was fully intending on making sure I beat her this time.<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile"> They had said that we were going to need to line up according to our pace, but for some reason all the pace time signs were in a big pile on the ground and no one ever got out there and used them (except for the lady that picked up the 6 minute sign and started walking towards the back of the pack as a joke), so we figured we were close enough to the middle and that would have to be good enough.<br><br>
Jim (DH) and I and Danyelle (training partner) started together but after the gun went off I ended up losing them behind me fairly quickly. This course was a loop that wound through downtown Springfield--mostly bars, restaurants and boutique shops, and then goes south through one of Springfield's older residential areas surrounding Missouri State University, my alma mater. So most if it was very familiar territory for me--for driving! I didn't start running outside 'til last year after many years on the TM.<br><br>
There were not a lot of spectators for this race except for at the stadium--just a few folks out on their front lawns to watch. The volunteers and police support to control traffic were great. They also had medics on bikes driving up and down the course. I didn't see anyone in need of a medic but it was nice to know they were there.<br><br>
Most of the course was fairly flat with the exception of a couple of hills in the first mile or so. At home my regular run has similar hills so that wasn't a big deal. The half marathon we're shooting for at the end of December covers much of the same route so it was good to get a preview for that race.<br><br>
The last couple of miles go right through the middle of Missouri State, right by one of the buildings where I spent almost 7 years of my life in--or it seemed that way! I got both my bachelor's and masters degree there. It was also some sort of high school marching band day at MSU so that last couple of miles we got to listen to several marching bands as they got ready for their competition.<br><br>
My goal was to finish the race in 51:30, and unofficially the time was 50:54, so I was thrilled. I was 7th or 8th in my age group--and beat Danyelle by over 3 minutes <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">. I felt great, I still had energy to sprint the last part of the race, and I stayed fairly consistent for the whole thing. I didn't catch the first mile marker but my miles looked like this:<br><br>
First 2 miles: 16:39.27<br>
Mile 3: 8:27.44<br>
Mile 4: 8:32.28<br>
Mile 5: 7:39.32 (that was a surprise!)<br>
Mile 6: 8:02.40<br><br>
I forgot to hit my watch when I went over the mat so I didn't catch the last 0.2 miles. I got out of the dugout just in time to see Jim come in the stadium, so he wasn't as far behind me as I thought. He says he was about a minute back for almost the entire race (he finished in 51:47)--just far enough back he could still see me. He's a good hubby. He even agreed with me today when I told him I thought I needed new shoes to start in the rotation before my half--and didn't flinch when they were a lot more expensive than my current pair. I started in my current shoes at the end of June, so December will be close to their life... a good race, new shoes, and quality time with the hubby today--it was pretty much a perfect morning! Right now I'm just waiting on the race pictures to get posted, as I don't have a good picture from a race yet. We'll run this race again I'm sure--decently organized, good fall weather and a nice course.<br><br>

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Hey Lisa, great job on the 10K! Nicely reported, and way to pull the negative split. You're fast!!<br><br>
I drove through Springfield yesterday on the way down to Memphis - I visit there fairly often, as my big sis lives there. We'll probably stop there on the way back so we can eat at Lambert's.<br><br>
Nice job on the race!
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