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Sooo...I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs

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Half Day for kids today. Sherry is bored.<br><br>
Someone amuse me. I'm not allowed to work out.<br><br>
Sheldon wrote "Don't fight me on this one"<br><br>
La la la. I'm bored.<br><br>
I need some ideas.<br><br>
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Ok...I pay you to tell me what to do...I'll find it.
4boys...are you in town? If so come to my house and we'll have a laundry party. I gave up wine for lent, but not champagne or hard cider...or margaritas...
No...Sheldon has me working out tomorrow, not today. I guess I can do VD today...tomorrow sucks going out!<br><br>
Although-he gave me optional rest tomorrow and mandatory rest today.<br><br>
I don't understand part of tomorrow's workout.<br><br>
Should I call SHeldon at work? I have his direct line. I feel ELITE!
4boys...I teach music. I gave a notation test last week to 250 4th and 5th graders. I correct 10. I don't like tests.<br><br>
Sheldon...I hope you weren't run a cardiac lab.<br><br>
Now that you reminded's pasted on my SIM.<br><br>
What don't I get? Something about half marathon pace w/ 3x3 10k or something. Oh...and I looked at next week's swim and that didn't make sense either.<br><br>
BTW...if I calculated what you told me to do for spin yesterday, it woulda taken me 5.5 HOURS! Just sayin' You need Hewked on Foniks for Math or something. I need to buy you some flash cards, a calculator and a chart for basic conversion.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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