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Something in the water?

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<p>All sorts of people turning up here and of course the ever present "guests".  Heck, even I've been posting more than normal.</p>
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<p>Yeah, there's a plumbing issue over there and the water is a little off. </p>
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<p>Hi folks!  Not sure anyone remembers me, but I remember a bunch of you guys.  Good to see that you are still making a community of kindred spirits on the net.  I'm going to take Grizzly's advice and step away from the forums for a while.  But I'll be back after the holidays. </p>
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<p>Happy T-day to you and your families!</p>
<p>Hi, Sierra!  Nice to see you again too.  I hope your Thanksgiving was bountiful, plenteous, and loads of fun. </p>
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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