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Some perspective on weight loss

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Just sayin'
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<div class="quote-block">Originally Posted by <strong>jenna</strong> <a href="/t/75803/some-perspective-on-weight-loss#post_2020961"><img alt="View Post" class="inlineimg" src="/img/forum/go_quote.gif" style=""></a><br><br><br>
heh, Oh, that's not me. That's a photo my coach sent to our women members.<br>
Mine is a LOT more obvious.... But I don't have appropriate before pictures. My before was 220. I am 170 now... but I wear the same size clothes that I wore at 130 with a lot more muscle definition. (for the record, I'm 5' 10").<br>
I wish I had before pictures like that. My friend told me to take some, but I never did it.</div>
We'll just have to settle for the "after" pictures then :)</p>
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