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Wow, that's some rockin' customer service. I sent an email with my chafing problem with Enell.<br><br>
For those who haven't read, I was wearing a size 2 Enell. I was chafing really badly (bleeding) on the center of the rib cage where the band closed (below the bust). I figured it was related to my boobies getting smaller, and moved down to a size 1.<br>
The chest chafing stopped... but I started chafing (bleeding, sores) on my breast themselves on the inner upper side of the breasts.<br><br>
I sent my measurements and the problem to them.<br><br>
I received a PHONE CALL today, to discuss it wth me.<br><br>
Turns out, the likely cause of the problem is my bust measurement is a size 2, but my chest measurement is a size 1. This is aggravated in a high impact activity like long-distance running. When I was in a size 2, it was rubbing around my chest because it wasn't tight enough. When I went down to size one, that fixed that problem, but there was no longer enough room to adequately cover my breasts and it pulled at the center, allowing the little clasps to chafe away at my breasts.<br><br>
They offered me two solutions : either I could call before next order and order a size 2, and they could try to find me a size 2 with a smaller chest (apparantly there's a couple inch allowance in the band)-- or, pretty sure to help though $10 more and takes longer...<br>
I can order a custom sized bra to my measurements.<br><br>
Nate thinks I should get the custom sized one (he's not been happy about all the boo-boos)... only problem is, if my measurements change in the 6 weeks it takes to make one-- I'm outta luck. Custom is non-refundable.
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