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Okay, I'm still a little new to TM running, and I prefer to run outdoors, but I'm a family man - and sometimes, my schedule or the weather has gotten in the way of my running. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I did some research, and I bought a treadmill.<br><br>
After doing research, reading reviews, and even talking to lots of other KR folk, I decided that the Sole F80 would be the treadmill for me.<br><br>
I placed my order for the F80, so I was a little surprised when an F83 showed up on my doorstep <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Smile">. However after a little more research, it seems that I ordered at a good time, Sole was in the midst of upgrading the F80, so I guess the F83 compared favorably to the new upgraded F80, so that's what they sent. In any case, I'm not complaining. I can use the extra 3" of running surface I'm sure.<br><br>
Ok enough of the small talk now on with the review.<br><br><b>Setup</b> The treadmill was incredibly easy to put together. I think I had it setup in 20 minutes or less.<br><br><b>Operation</b> I haven't used a lot of the 'preset' programs, I usually just opt for manual, and I change the speed and incline at my own desired times. One thing about the Sole that makes this easy is the <b>Speed</b> and <b>Incline</b> controls built into the arm rest. This allows me to maintain my 'normal' running stance, and easily adjust speed up or down and incline up or down.<br><br>
The treadmill seems to be built very well. The motor is quiet. The built in fans are quiet. When someone is 'walking' briskly, you can't hear it in the other rooms upstairs. When someone is running on it, there is some pounding, and vibrations, this is not a fault of the treadmill.<br><br>
I've done 2 runs on the treadmill so far, one just over 6 miles, and one just over 7 miles. My wife has done a few short (2-3 mile) walks on the treadmill. We have both agreed that it's a great piece of equipment to have around, and we're sure it will get used for more than just a 'coat rack' like many of our friends do with their cheaper TM's.
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