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<p>I saw this on <strong>Slowtwitch</strong> and thought I'd bring it over [yeah, the title, too].</p>
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<p>All you Facebook users who would like to friend this little dude, please do. I am sure it would mean the world to him.</p>
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<p>From his FB Fan Club page:</p>
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<p><em>Blake Appleton was diagnosed with brain cancer in January of 2008. He was given a 10% chance of survival with a 60% chance of recurrence. After extensive chemo at Shands Hospital, Blake beat the odds and the cancer went into remission.<br><br>
A routine checkup in December 2009 showed normal bloodwork. However, the doctor still wanted to perform an MRI to double check. A blow to the family, the MRI showed the cancer had returned.<br><br>
While Blake’s cancer does not have a definite diagnosis, it has the characteristics of three of the most deadly forms of brain cancer:<br><br>
AT/RT-Atypical Teratoid Thabdoid Tumor<br>
Anaplastic Large Cell Medulloblastoma<br>
Anaplastic Large Cell Medullomyoblastoma<br><br>
Much like Blake’s contagious personality, the cancer has spread through his little body. Now in his spinal column, the little bundle of happiness was operated on at Shands, underwent 30 rounds of radiation and is currently in the middle of his 40th round of chemotherapy – all of this beginning in 12/09.<br><br>
Now being given a 0% chance of survival and a 100% chance of recurrence, Blake is not in the fight OF his life … he is in a fight FOR his life.</em><br><br><i><a href="" target="_blank"><span style="color:#333366;"></span></a></i></p>
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