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So much for bringing work home: Calls from College

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<p>Call 1:  "Dad, I'm in a rock band." </p>
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<p>Call 2:  "Dad, I'm moving in with two girls, and I like Tai Chi."</p>
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<p>Call 1 was from Aspie boy who was asked by other people in his dorm if he would like to sing in their band for the coffee house, "Cause you're in choir, right?"  Choir, as in Mozart's Requiem.  Rock Band as in dressing up in their finest and singing at ZZ Top cover "Sharp Dressed Man".  Oh. My.  Apparently it worked.</p>
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<p>Call 2 was from Montreal boy who has found an apartment in the student ghetto with two dorm mates who happen to be female.  "No problem with that, Dad?"  No, but I remind him that toilet seats are an issue and leaving hair in the sink or the tub is an issue...  they have to rent before school is out to reserve a place for fall.  Tai Chi is to help him deal with chronic pain (it seems to run in the family).  He's enjoying it.</p>
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<p>But so much for my performance evaluations.</p>
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<p>Wait'll you get the phone call that goes like this... </p>
<p>You ready to be a grandpa?</p>
<p>Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  I guess....</p>
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