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...about the coal miners/union/company, back in West Virginia in the 20's.. All that violence. One scene a boy has been killed and everyone is at his funeral when this old lady starts singing. She's singing in that lonesome moan we see coming from that Appalacian style. I think to myself..."I bet that's Hazel Dickens". During the entire movie we hear bits and pieces of a lazy harmonica. I think to myself..."I bet that's Paul Wiggins".  So after the movie and  they roll the credits.........well I'll be damn.  Would ya believe the US Army was called in during this?</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Roscoe Holcombe is a great example of that sound. Bob Dylan calls it...high lonesome.  Can I find some Hazel Dickens....hmmm? </p>
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