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So I got my wet suit this weekend.

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It fits just fine which made me very happy since I bought it off of ebay. My only problem with it is the neck. The rim around the neck hits me right in a spot that triggers all of my clostrophobic buttons. Is there any thing that I can do to make it so it doesn't make me freak out becuase 1. 2 miles is a long way to feel like I'm going to die.
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Put bodyglide around your neck. I had the same issue with my suit last year and it seemed to solve the problem. Otherwise you are going to get cut! I know.... Strange how some of these suits fit.
It was the same with me (still is same suit... Orca). The pressure was the issue, but once getting into the water that pressure should be relieved, but the chaffing may still occur. Actually during my IMWI practice swim two days before the event I got the big cut on the back of my neck. Stupid me forgot the BG. I went a painful 2.4 miles that morning of the race, luckily the adrenaline numbed it some <img alt="smile.gif" src="">.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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