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So, after two workouts....

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I've decided not to join the running/triathlon club I'd found here in Munich.<br>
Here in Germany, most sports run through clubs, and most clubs are pretty willing to take on new members. I went to a couple swims, and only had one person tell me so much as their name. Maybe the club is too big, maybe it's just a Munich thing, but I'll be relying on folks here to provide some more motivation than usual.<br>
My last swim workout, everyone followed the same plan, but nobody made an effort to swim together. At that point, what's the point of going to a group workout. It was 5 guys in a lane all doing the same workout, on their own time. <img alt="confused.gif" src=""> And, they're organized Germans, to boot. That kind of convinced me that I can follow my own swim workouts, and swim on my own in the morning. Oh well.
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I think I was spoiled with my group back home (in Hamilton, ON, Canada). We all did the same essential workout (our 'lane of shame' had a reduced plan, but the basics were the same), so we all swam together. There was a ton of structure, which a non-swimmer like myself needs to make sure that I only rest 20 secs when that's what's on the board.<br>
Stitcher: I wouldn't mind a group like the one you describe. That would be fun. Less fun was getting to the pool and being ignored by EVERYONE. Nobody really chatted, or hung-out, or anything. They'd all arrive, swim their own thing, and then take off. Weird, I tell you!<br>
Tithers, you're probably right. I should be able to find another club here in town. I'll have my work cut out for me tomorrow.
Thanks Jim,<br>
I've been doing pretty well on my own. My roommate is a pretty awesome athlete himself - he came along on the ride Saturday - so I'm not going it totally alone. Swimming alone kind of sucks, but I'll get over it. I think I'll save the 45 Euros, and use that for admission to the pool. I'm not going to be here overly long, so it won't kill me.<br>
Part of my surprise was the club in Marburg, where I used to live. They were awesome, and I still keep in touch with them all. They were really welcoming to new folks, and made everyone feel welcome right off the bat (I do, however, joke that I was allowed to use 'Du' only after I'd gone under 40 mins for 10k!<img alt="smile.gif" src="">) Different places.<br><br>
Ja, Bayern ist schon anders. Ich bin was anders gewohnt. Naja, man kann nicht immer gewinnen. Wenn du aber in den Bergen radeln willst, sag' mal Bescheid.
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