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So, after two workouts....

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I've decided not to join the running/triathlon club I'd found here in Munich.<br>
Here in Germany, most sports run through clubs, and most clubs are pretty willing to take on new members. I went to a couple swims, and only had one person tell me so much as their name. Maybe the club is too big, maybe it's just a Munich thing, but I'll be relying on folks here to provide some more motivation than usual.<br>
My last swim workout, everyone followed the same plan, but nobody made an effort to swim together. At that point, what's the point of going to a group workout. It was 5 guys in a lane all doing the same workout, on their own time. <img alt="confused.gif" src=""> And, they're organized Germans, to boot. That kind of convinced me that I can follow my own swim workouts, and swim on my own in the morning. Oh well.
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Just found this post. Bradley, I have things about the same as you. One comment would be that if you actually joined, that might, I say might, help. Once you are on the inside, meaning have forked out the euros, things would be different.<br><br>
I have found it easier and less of a danger to my attitude to simply go at it alone. It is strange, but best I can tell, very few memebers of the local tri-club actually participate in tri's. They just like to be part of a club. Nothing really wrong with that I guess, just not for me. I would rather be part of a group that has folks actually training for an event. For a running club I would not say that, but for tri's I do.<br><br>
Another way you could find training partners might be to look through entry lists on some German tri's and cold call someone from your area of Munich who is doing one.<br><br>
Hey, that's a good way to pad posts-- do each one twice, once in english, once in german! Watch out LRR ich werde schnell vorbei gehen!
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